Classic Hair Fork

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A 'u' shaped hair fork, its simple and a classic. Nothing complicated about it! Weave the hair fork through your hair to create tension for an all day hold! Available in three different sizes as described below and two finishes, smooth and textured (hammered).

SMALL Ideal for shorter and/or light weight hair or half up with various lengths/thicknesses. Classic 3.5" total length Solid 10 gauge brass (2.6mm)

MEDIUM Most versatile of the three sizes. Ideal for most lengths, thicknesses and textures. Made with a heavier gauge and 1/2 inch additional length than the small fork. Classic 4" total length Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)

LARGE Ideal for long and/or thick hair or if you'd like a portion of the fork to show more outside your bun/updo. Classic 5.5" total length Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm) Includes a white pro-polishing pad and care card tucked neatly in a sealed biodegradable clear sleeve. 

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